Thirty-Fourth Class Trip is an episode of Another Oobi Vacation.

Characters PresentEdit


Oobi and Uma try to sneak out of the thirty-fourth class on a plane during a trip to Canada.


Grampu gets a raise from his boss and receives enough cash for a trip to Canada - but only on the thirty-fourth class section of a plane. Oobi and Uma decide to live with the low class and put up with it - but only for the first couple minutes. So Oobi tries to jump out of the plane because the inside - literally - is as dirty as a pigpen. But he realizes he hasn't left the ground yet! Oobi and Uma steal some spy suits from the cargo hold and decide to use spy gear (that they also found in the luggage) to get out of the plane safely. While Uma lures Grampu away from Oobi (who is currently setting up the technology to escape), Kakoo enters the plane disguised as a normal passenger. Kakoo tries to find Oobi, who she heard was going on the trip. Oobi sees Kakoo as her disguise is not clever at all - she only put on a mustache. So Oobi makes sure Kakoo only has enough money to receive a thirty-fourth class trip so she would feel the horror. Oobi gets Uma and tells her "It's ready!", but Grampu has finished his bathroom business. So the two siblings run for cover, but don't succeed. They had already opened the plane door, so the spy equipment flies out. Oobi and Uma are scared as they think the passenger who owned the stuff will find them. Oobi and Uma find the person who had owned the spy gear, but he was a spy planning to destroy all of Earth, so the two are given the key to a secret underground lair in Quebec. They accidentally open it with lots of people watching. They are beat up.

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