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Wikis are online encyclopedias with truthful information (hopefully), all the time. But sometimes, we need a break from the real world! Here at B&B Fanon, you can create your own stories featuring Oobi, Uma, Kakoo, Grampu and the rest of the gang!

About Bluedog and Belly Productions
Bluedog and Belly Productions, more commonly known as BluedogAndBelly, is a YouTube channel featuring various comedy/adventure video series. Many of these videos feature bare hand puppets with eyes, similar to the characters of the fabulous Noggin television series Oobi. The channel is currently available here!

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We are the Bluedog and Belly Fanon Wiki,
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We currently have 14 English articles since our launch in November 2011 and 317 total contributions have been made.

Featured Fan Article!

Mansion Man's-Son is an episode of Another Oobi Vacation.

Characters Present

  • Oobi
  • Oobi's father (mentioned)

Summary: Oobi finds out that his father used to own a mansion, meaning Oobi gets a mansion all to himself! Read MORE about Mansion Man's-Son here!

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